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The Walking Dead Logo Design Example

The walking dead logo

The Walking Dead Logo design example. As a big fan of the show, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at re-imagining the logo design for the newest season.


I love the Walking Dead and as a designer, I always imagine certain logos and designs looking different to their original form and I seem to keep this in my head most times. With this logo, I imagined the "A” in "Walking” as a Zombie or as Rick (seen as he is the central character) and I wanted to get it down in Photoshop so people could see my idea.

I started with the "Tungsten Black” Font which matches up with AMC’s logo perfectly. I then found a nice grunge background while searching on the interwebs and used the ALT key in the layers palette to create a nice clipping mask. After a little brightness/contrast and color balance manipulation, I had the dark effect I was looking for.

Next, I found a Walking Dead Poster online and used the Pen tool to trace the outline of rick stood with his hand raised as if to fire his weapon. I chose this because I like the way his arm hangs over the "W” and his stance is indicative of the letter "A”. It works quite well and after also applying the grunge background and a little tweaking, we have a nice match.

The last few steps were simply finding a nice, slightly terrifying background image from a prison cell wall and writing in "Season 4″ with a more alternative font. This gives the impression that "Season 4 is modern and new.”

If anyone is interested out there, I may do a tutorial on the design with files included but for now feel free to click the image and download the full logo!

Also, I’d be remiss in not linking to  AMC who produce this gem of a T.V. show

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